What is C-fu FOODS?

C-fu FOODS brings a new approach to protein that comes from a more sustainable source, insects. Through our innovative process we’ve created a healthy meat replacement that helps you create culinary staples like burgers, schnitzel, or nuggets. It can also act as an alternative to eggs or butter, making it as adaptable as it is sustainable. It’s even a protein powder that you can whip it into a morning shake. Want to know what it’s all about? Just check out some of the amazing creations below

Where Can I Find It?

We’re excited to share some delicious surprises at the upcoming

Eating Insects Detroit 2016 Conference Food Loves Tech 2016

Looking to try our newest creation, check out our new Bolognese Brand, One Hop Kitchen

One Hop Kitchen - Cricket and Mealworm Bolognese Jars

Who Are We?

We are the brothers Cadesky, Lee and Eli.
We set out on this culinary adventure with our course set firmly on arriving at a sustainable alternative to satisfy our planet’s growing demands for protein. Using innovative food science processes we abstract insects; a bountiful, environmentally friendly, and safe source of protein, into gourmet culinary creations. It is our hope to provide a platform for chefs to express their artistry and passion for food in a sustainable fashion.

Lee Cadesky

Co Founder and COO

Eli Cadesky

Co Founder and CEO

C-fu FOODS Founders Eli and Lee Cadesky

What's The Word?








1.What's with the name, why C-fu FOODS?

Our first process yielded Cricket Tofu.

When we told people what we were working on their first response was, That’s Crazy!

In French, ‘C’ is pronounced like, C’est; C‘est Fous means That’s Crazy!

We added FOODS to our name because we wanted people to know that despite having crazy ideas, we were serious about insects as a food source.

2.What types of insects do you use?

We can use nearly any of the 1900 edible insect species.

We have used crickets, superworms, black soldier fly larve, mealworms and waxworms. 

In past we used mealworms, but have now become very discerning about our cricket suppliers and are able to offer cricket tofu protein to create the same foods shown on our site.

3.Where do you source insects from?

Presently we source our insects from farms that rear insects specifically for human consumption in Canada and the USA.

Insects are antibiotic, hormone, and GMO free!

4.I'm seeing Burgers and Ice cream, is this all from the same product?

Cows can provide beef and dairy proteins, so too can insects.

Our processes preserve protein and fat functionality meaning our products can also be used as an egg, dairy or soy replacement.

For meat applications we flavour the product in process providing that savoury, umami taste and feel.

For baking we use natural vanilla and/or cocoa flavourings to complement cookies, ice cream, mousses and more!

5.So what does it taste like?

Every insect has its own unique flavour, texture, and colour. Crickets offer a subtle soft flavour while mealworms have hints of Parmesan cheese and yet a sweetness that pairs well with vanilla

6.So where and how can I try?

C-fu FOODS focuses on B2B ingredient supply working with brands and chefs to develop new innovative products. We have also launched a CPG sister company, One Hop Kitchen.  

We will offering samples of Ice Cream, Falafel and more at the Eating Insects Detroit May 26th – 28th, Food Loves Tech in NYC June 10th – 12th

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